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Personalized Coaching

My objective as a triathlon coach is to maximize your enjoyment of triathlon, however you define that.  I work with each athlete to achieve their individual goals and stretch them to take on ambitions even beyond what they may feel they are capable of. Triathlon training and racing should be fun and assimilate into each athlete's life and with priorities such as family, careers, faith, and more.​

Powered by TriDot

TriDot is the obvious and automatic choice for triathlon training. It uses your biometrics and training data and its Optimized Training technology to deliver your best results in less time with fewer injuries.  TriDot leverages its proprietary, patent-pending nSight™ technology based on ongoing research and development that began in 2005. It’s comprised of a high-quality proprietary dataset of biometrics and performance data from more than 30 million optimized training sessions from more than 40,000 athletes worldwide. Data is acquired and analyzed using sophisticated data-normalizing technologies and numerous analytical and prescriptive capabilities such as data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced analytics.

Why work with a coach?

As your triathlon coach, I work for you.  My job is to help you maximize your performance, achieve your goals, and ensure that triathlon remains healthy and fun!  I serve as an objective stakeholder in your training and racing to ensure the highest return on your time, energy, financial investments, and athletic potential.

Personal Touch

This is all achieved in numerous ways and will vary from athlete to athlete.  It includes monitoring your training on a daily basis and refining as necessary to accommodate your lifestyle and priorities while moving you towards your goals.  It includes working through illness, potential injuries, stresses and more to ensure you stay as healthy and pain free as possible.  It includes regular communication so you will always have a timely answer to any questions as well as feedback on your training and a comprehensive plan for your racing.  It includes motivation, accountability, and an honest and well-informed resource as your disposal.


John Mayfield

Coaching bio: 

  • Full-time triathlon coach

  • 10+ Years coaching experience

  • Primarily focused on long-course triathletes

  • Coached hundreds of athletes from beginner to professional triathletes

  • Coached numerous athletes to world championship qualifications


  • USA Triathlon LII

  • IRONMAN U certified

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